I Refuse to Die Here

by Meltdown

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Recorded by Alvaro Remacha.

Mixed and mastered by Alex Cappa in "The Metal Factory Studios" (Madrid)

All songs produced by Meltdown.

Artwork by Napalm Designs.

Contact: meltdowntaldea@gmail.com


released April 5, 2016

Julen Sarasua - Vocals

Julen Aduriz - Guitar

Mikel Amundarain - Guitar

Iñigo Labat - Bass

Bittor Herrero - Drums


all rights reserved



Meltdown Hernani, Spain

Meltdown was born in 2013 by Sasu (Vocals), Ionma (Bass), Amunda (Guitar), Johnky (Guitar) and Bittor (Drums) in Hernani, near San Sebastian.

After playing plenty of local shows with bands like Dawn Of The Maya, Adrenalized, Nine Eleven or Cohen, we are working hard on our second EP
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Track Name: Izarren Hautsa
Born from dust, the echo of big bang is what we really are.
Born from dust, lost in this odyssey, together in the path.

Forgetting our roots
our birth
our past
we all are searching, the answers to understand this life
cutting our brothers throats
to find
a little light in this void

We´ve lost ourselves

Shedding red blood to mother earth
staining our souls
we are the shame of father sun

There is no much time

There is no hope

If we do not stop

There is no hope

If we don't stop, this crazy greed, this arrogance, this senseless urge, to swallow all.

Killing, exploiting, executing, draining, all the planet
everything, with our hands

I refuse to die here

Colors and shapes have drowned equality


Born from dust

Stardust with a name
never admitting the mistakes we made
I can hear our end louder

There's no time
Track Name: Oh Pharaoh (Ft. Felipe Aleman from Brothers Till We Die)
The same origin
same blood
running inside our veins
but they create fears
and mummify the truth

Life is a desert
We all are grains of sand
a dried ocean, a shadow of the past

Under the same sun
their pride, is ruining our lives
you are just a blind man
you are not the son of God

There's no escape from oblivion
the crown wont give you a name in the after life.

The story of a man that so sick of serving, decided to face the Gods
so he raised his voice to exhume the truth.
The burden of a stone.
Pain and hunger against the fears
Oh pharaoh you have two options: listen my words or cut my throat.


An eyeless man and a headless body, there´s no difference between them.
Through the time the wind whispers
Osahar´s last words.

You can execute a man
but ideas remain untouched

Slaughtered in the name of God
Slaughtered in the name of arrogance

Track Name: Gears
Seven billion gears tied together
part of this machine until we die
every single piece turning unaware of what’s wrong or right

Slaves of time
Slaves of our names, slaves of our fear, slaves of the path

Self-imprisoned in a jail we call routine
no walls, no bars around us, but still living inside

Every action we do
Is caused by a previous one
how much control do we
have over our dreams?

All together, crossing the path to the cliff
life is unique
but today is a copy of yesterday

Seven billion gears tied together
part of this machine until we die
every single piece turning unaware of what’s wrong or right

It’s time to stop this fucking lie
Break away
Wake up, our home is burning up
Break away, break away
It’s time to stop this fucking lie
break away, wake the fucking up
our home is burning up
break away, break away.

Gear by gear, break everything, crush all the chains that tide us .
Set us free from this insensitive life

System meltdown
choose your path

The change
is in our
Track Name: Rage and the Burden
Sell your life time
sell yourself

In the name of integrity

Sell your life time
sell yourself

In the name of your fears.

Welcome to the edge of hell

This is the cancer of the earth

This time, the only
punishment is in front of us

And now the wind is screaming, the last words from a forgotten throat.

The rage and the burden

No fears, no regrets

Claps will be the prelude of the end

We have already dug our grave

Burning our existence
life and death face to face

Bow before the decadence of human race

Burning our existence
life and death face to face
life and death face to face
Track Name: Skulls of Stone
Awakening from a long sleep, in the middle of this nightmare, where am I?

Crawling in the ashes, in this apocalyptic landscape

The air is contaminated, my lungs are burning, my eyes are bleeding
where am I?

I wake up in the middle of this strange nightmare

This might be hell
this might be hell

Forests on fire, seas of radiation, acid rain on my face

The streets are paved with blood and tears
I can see
two skulls of stone in front of me

The end has begun

Only skulls of stone

How the fuck I got here?

Is this my home?

Finally, I can see all the destruction I’ve caused
all the harm that I’ve done

Everything around me all that I’ve loved now is gone

I am sorry, there’s no time, now it’s too late to regret
it’s too late
to ask for a second chance

Crying my last tears, breathing my last breath, living the last second of my life, my last words

Maybe the sixth day, was a mistake

Pray one last time for your soul

All hope is gone
a new heart has born

Look up at the stars, the void is your new home

Look up at the stars the void is our new home

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